Thursday, December 24, 2009

Decoty Creamer Project 1 -Step 6

Finally, I use 2 clear tack to mount it onto my wall and immediately fill it.

I would think that most people would want to cover or paint it to make it prettier.

My suggestion: Glitter and glow in the dark paint make everything better!

Decoty Creamer Project 1 -Step 5

VIOLA! A successful fold in along the length!

Decoty Creamer Project 1 -Step 4

I then took another of my clay tools, and used this wood tool as a "bone" folder to press an indention along the remaining uncut length of my drawn area.

Decoty Creamer Project 1 -Step 3

As you can see, I have cut open along the punched lines I just did to create my opening and to dump any left over creamer out of the container.

Decoty Creamer Project 1 -Step 2

Using a needle tool from my Clay tool set, I punch really closely along the drawn lines along the 2 width sides and only one length since I will need the other length side to be the fold.

Decoty Creamer Project 1 -Step 1

I drew lines were I wanted to make my opening with a red marker and then I proceeded to punch a hole at each corner with a punch tool. I happened to use Matco Tools SP158A.

Decoty Creamer Project 1

So, here I am with a lot of empty containers from work that formally held non-dairy creamer. I have been cutting of the tops so that they hold paint brushes, pencils, pens, markers, ect....
But I decide to see if I could make something else.
So. I made them in to item holders by cutting into the cardboard on the side.