Friday, April 26, 2013

Pen & Pencil holders ect...Recycle Project

Take some Free Triumph Posters
Some empty Coffee Creamer/Sugar containers
And some tape

I am constantly re-using items at work to hold things in a somewhat orderd clutter.
i started covering my creations with the leftover from stamps and stickers but it really was tacky and unproffessional so I decided to do something about it.

I used hite out around the edge but if I get really industrius, I may come back with t-shirt Slick paint and fill that in.

You can see the difference b/t the ones I have covered and the stickered covered ones.
Also, Here I used the corners that were originally used to protect a whipe board during shipping.
THe mistake I made was in not going ahead and removing them before attempting to cover the whole thin and then just reattach the corners.
if you look inward you can see the shadow of the two corners attached to the back for support and to keep the box from tipping the other way.

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